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Monday, December 10, 2007

Finding Beauty

I was driving through Fort Valley this morning when I spotted these leaves just glowing in the middle of an empty lot. Last year a house burned down and the lot has really grown up, covered with wild vegetation.

I had to stop and turn around. Could not pass up shooting this picture. By the time I parked I knew I wanted to shoot it with a long lens, and blur the background. I thought I wanted to shoot it so the background was totally black, but saw the lacy plant and decided the contrast would be nice. Also liked the berries at the bottom. Tried it both ways and this one looked best.

I saw the morning glories low to the ground and swapped the 500 for my 15mm. Tried several shots from different low angles and liked these two.

What a way to start the week, finding such beauty amid this chaos.

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greg said...

Awesome picture of the morning glory! I like the blue ball of light that ends up being in the forground of the picture. Remember Wild at Heart...the need for beauty in our lives? Thank you for helping provide us with that much needed aspect of life. Keep up the good work.

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