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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Day For The Birds

Just about every day at work is a good day. I love my job. Some days are really great. Monday was one of those days. I went to the Rum Creek Wildlife Area for the Christmas bird count. It is always great hanging out with people who have a passion for what they are doing. Terry Johnson and his crew of volunteers are truly passionate about their task.

I spent some time with them in the woods near Plant Scherer, then moved inside the plant grounds. The coolest photos were on the dam overlooking Lake Juliette. The ring bill gulls pit on a show for us. The volunteers were busy counting, and I got some great images of them and the birds.

I got stuck on the sunlight reflecting off the water. I turned in the photo of Bryan Fobbus silhouetted against the water, but I really liked the photo that had the sun showing. The picture of Bryan and his spotting scope required some waiting to get a clean angle. Still not sure which one I like best. The top photo ran in black and white. I really thought it was my strongest photo of the day. Oh, well.

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Mary said...

I can't even begin to get started on how much I love birds, watching them, listening to them and in my lifetime raising them. Watching and anticipating with my children as we watched the clutch of egg's.
I like these photo's, especially the sun on the water, and the shot of the gull coming in for it's catch, feet dragging the water.......AWESOME !!

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