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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Game Day

One of the best stories I got to do this year was following Northside High's football team on their Championship Game Day. Coach Nix allowed me a lot of access. Without their openness and trust I could not have completed my job. Everyone went about their business as if I was not there.

I didn't want to concentrate on one person, but try to include as many people and situations as I could. I had a loose plan, but pretty much let the story tell itself.

My first pictures were done Friday morning as coaches, players and trainers packed up and loaded their gear for the long ride to Waycross. I followed them to lunch and got one of my favorite photos, lunch room lady Wanda Keene giving star quarterback Marquis Ivory some last minute advice, "Fall down, don't you get hurt."

I really wanted to show the bond this team has, the character, and the influence of their late teammate Chris Johnson. He was very present the whole day.

I knew an important part of my coverage would be halftime. Not too many coaches will open their locker room at halftime during any game, much less a game of this importance. I really wanted to be there. The half came and Northside was behind.

Would I still get in? I have been in this situation before and had coaches change their mind, but not Coach Nix. The halftime images were some of my strongest.

I am glad my photos ended with celebration.

It was a long day, it was after 4am when I got back home. But what a day. What a fun story to tell.

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