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Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I did a story on custom painter Sid Gooden in last Saturday's paper. I spent part of an afternoon photographing and talking to him. The picture part is always easy when you are working with someone like Sid. He works with such photographable (did I just make up a word?) stuff and and he gets into his work so the camera does not bother him.

I wrote the story as well as shooting the art. The words are the hard part. Sid just talked as he worked, A fairly constant flow about what he was doing with the bike he was working on, how he does what he does, and why he does it. His words fit so well into what I wanted to put together, but it is hard to put the camera down to write quotes. And, by the way, I can't remember ten minutes ago.

I have struggled with this problem for a while. Since coming to the Warner Robins office I have been doing more writing, usually just really long lines, a copy block, to go with my pictures. Writing isn't real easy for me, but it is fun.

This time I used my little digital audio recorder. Makes it a lot easier. I don't have to stop and write. All I have to do is play back the audio and write from there. I just have to be more careful where I place the recorder. This time I recorded a lot of motordrive.

If you want to add drama really easy to a photo, just use a really wide angle lens. Shoot form down low, or from above. Really makes kinda boring a bit more interesting. Use the natural lines in your composition to pull the viewer's eye into your subject.

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Mary said...

In my humble opinion, there is nothing lacking or wrong with your writing. You my friend, write from the heart, how can you ever go wrong with that?

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