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Friday, August 15, 2008

The D3 For Sports

I shot my first high school football of the year last night, Warner Robins and Peach County had a scrimmage game. Also the first sports I have had the chance to shoot with the Nikon D3. WOW...

I know you have heard me rave about the D3 before. It is an awesome camera, full frame, shoots incredibly high ISO's while producing wonderful color. What more could you want? How about some killer autofocus?

Man, if you get the lens on it, it is in focus. I like tight football. I got it. The first one was a pass play, No problem. How many times have I been in the perfect place, followed the ball into the receiver, and had a great out of focus image because the autofocus didn't get there when the ball did? Too often to count. Not with this puppy.

Fast enough to get both ends of a pass play. I shot Peach quarterback Patrick Taylor unloading the ball, stayed on him until he was hit by Warner Robins linebacker Sam Hvizdzak, and was able to get the ball reaching the receiver downfield.

Another nice thing with the D3, you change lenses less. I was shooting with the 300mm and a 1.4x. Instead of changing the lens, I just went back and forth with the image area between 24x36 and DX format.

The finder is really clear and bright, and the camera is so well balanced with a wide angle or a long telephoto. 37 years of shooting high school football, and this is the BOMB.

Nikon, you did it right.

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