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Monday, August 18, 2008

Possum On The Half Shell.....

I have always loved this photo, the perfect Monday morning image. Some years ago before I stopped drinking, I could really relate. Anyway, you know the story by now, I was going through this box of negatives and.......

This was back in 1994, armadillos were just beginning to come this far north. Our managing editors Barbara Stinson and Ron Woodgeard had been been in heated discussion about the migration of these phantoms of the highway. Stinson clamed to have seen them around and Woodgeard said no way. Well, Barbara asked that I photograph one of these possums on the half shell to settle the argument.

Bill Boyd, my son Thomas and I were on a roadtrip to Albany and found this one feet up along Highway 300 between Cordele and Albany. We stopped and I commenced to photographing Armadillo. I made a couple of color 11x14's,Barbara won her bet, and I had a photograph to cherish forever. Always makes me think fondly of Boyd and Thomas.

And why don't you ever see a live armadillo on the road?

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