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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Photo Editing

I began my day today photographing a retired MH53 Pave Low helicopter
being towed down Georgia Highway 247 past Robins Air Force Base to the Museum of Aviation. The last couple of times I have photographed aircraft being
towed along this route I have shot from road level. This think is so massive I decided to shoot from the Russell Parkway bridge as it came down the road.
This angle shows the way it fills the road and how traffic backs up behind it.

Gary Harmon had the same idea, and we were grabbing our equipment out of our cars when we were approached by a base law enforcement type who wanted to make sure we were not terrorists photographing the base. Gary has that effect on people. I think he's just a bit too edgy. We proved trustworthy, and waited for the procession to come our way.

My first shots were with the 300mm with a 1.4 extender which gave a lot of magnification and compression to the image. The first image I really liked because of the way the road just seemed to flow. It shows the traffic backed up as well. Only problem you have to look really hard to find the helicopter.

I chose the second photo instead because the copter really jumps out, and shows how huge the thing is. Shows the traffic good as well.

I did the last image with the 15mm. It is a cool photo, very interesting look. Only thing the 15mm spreads everything out so much that it is deceiving. Looks like traffic is flowing along as usual.

So for the newspaper, it is not always the photo you like the best, but what will tell the story the best.

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