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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fire In The Hole!!!!!

I had just finished my second assignment of the morning and was headed to the office when Stephanie Hartley called me from the Macon office. She told me about the evacuation and I headed over to the Police Department.

Situations like this can make decent photos, or be a total waste. The biggest factor in determining what you get is where the cops let you shoot from. The Warner Robins Police Department is great to work with. They are a very professional group.

I set up with the 300mm with a 1.4 extender on one body and the old 500mm on the other. The devices were brought out by robots and placed in a sand pile to be destroyed. We got a bit of warning before it was zapped, a siren alert, then the old "Fie In The Hole" Of course you don't know when it is going to happen, how soon after the "Fire In THe Hole" shout. So you sit with your finger on the button waiting for the bang, knowing how embarrassing its gonna be if you are too late on the trigger.

The first one was destroyed with a water cannon and made a decent photo. I got the laptop out and sent the top image using my cell phone while sitting
under a tree across from the Police Department. .

Before the transmission was complete, the robots were back in action, placing the second device in the sand pile. I got a better image when this one was destroyed. The robot was not in the way, and an explosive device was used.

Thanks to my laptop and cell I was able to get an image to Macon, and online quickly. I love technology when it works!!!

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