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Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I covered a September 11 Candlelight Vigil Tuesday. Candlelight Vigils
make some cool photographs. Candlelight anything usually makes a neat photo.
The top photo was at a Good Friday service I shot in a Women's Correctional facility. This was your typical candlelight shoot, its dark, often only real light you have is the candles. So you jack up your ISO, crank down the shutter speed and have at it. Faces lit by the warm glow of the candles.

The candlelight vigil Tuesday was a bit different. It was during the day. Well, so was the one above, you might say. But it was outside at 11am on a sunny day. How do you shoot candlelight in the daytime? Well, you shoot in the shadows if possible, but be sure you are shooting against a darker background so the flame will show.

Of course by now you are always checking your background for unwanted clutter.
Another thing to look for is the lightness or darkness of the background. Sometimes you need the background to make your subject pop out. You don't want your subject to fade into the background.

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