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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Flowing Water

I have missed writing for a couple of days. We have been away to the mountains of eastern Tennessee.
It is truly amazing what a few days in the mountains will do. Must be my Highland roots. While out
exploring we found this really beautiful mountain stream.

I shot a few frames and decided to jazz em up a bit. The section of the stream was pretty shaded so I
dropped my ISO down as low as it would go, and slowed my shutter speed down to 1/8 second. I tried 1/15, but didn't get enough blur in the moving water.

I wanted to do a vertical, and came up with the second photo. I simply turned the camera at a slight angle
until I got the composition I wanted and shot away. Looks a bit more dramatic than straight up and down.

Anytime I do a wide shot I end up doing a detail shot. The last is my closeup. I looked for a spot with some
large rocks and fast moving water. I found this downstream about fifty yards. Water flowing back together
around these rocks making a nice pattern, good flow, so good blur in the water. The colorful leaves just
bring it all together.

Just be sure when you do this to keep the camera steady, because if the unmoving objects in your
photo are not sharp, it does not work. If you find a spot to shoot, you may have to come back when the
light is a bit lower. Usually early morning or late afternoon does best. Also gives more directional lighting,
which is usually a good thing.

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Donna said...

I bet you all had a good weekend- the weather was perfect for it :)

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