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Monday, September 24, 2007

JPG Magazzine

I have a hard time with photography magazines. I seldom find a lot that interest me anymore in most of
them. The only one I subcribe to anymore is Shutterbug. I keep intending on renewing Digital Photo
Pro. I usually read a good bit in it. Picture is a really cool magazine, I often buy it from the local bookstore.
I check out the photo magazines on the magazine rack, but so often find nothing that makes me want
to give them five bucks.

So often I will buy a magazine just for the pictures. Don't care about reading many of the articles,
most are so predictable, and I am bored by technical stuff. I love looking through Black and White.
It is dedicated to black and white photography. Even the ads are black and white.

A new magazine has come along, been around for a few months. It is really different. You go to their
website and join for free. Then you start uploading your best images and then can enter them in
the various categories. Members vote to choose which images are published. If your image
is published, you get paid for the photo.

The site is great, lots of cool photos by photographers from around the world. If you don't share
your photos, still a cool place to visit.

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Donna said...

I have been a JPG member for several months and enjoy the photos you see there at their site as well as the photos. I dont like how the one partners took over from the original couple that started the magazine but it is a cool magazine. People from all over the place with neat (and some odd) takes on photography

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