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Friday, September 28, 2007

Use That Telephoto

I like really tight action photos. They have so much energy and drama, really catch your eye. That's
what good photograph does.

To capture action this way you have to get really comfortable with your lens. Shooting long lenses
is one of the hardest things novice photographers have to master. The lens is bigger, more awkward
to hold. The field of view is much tighter. It is easier to get lens shake with a longer focal length.

Lots of folks use a monopod with their longer lens. If you are using a really heavy lens, or shooting a
slow shutter speed, a monopod is a good idea. With most of the 70-300 range zooms available now
you should have no problem hand holding the lens and camera. The monopod will be more of a problem
than a help. Really slows your movement.

Get out and practice following action with your maximum focal length. Don't preset but follow
focus. Chase the family pet or the kids around the yard, photograph cars moving down the road.
Get close enough to someone where you fill the viewfinder with their face and practice shooting.
Use that puppy. The rewards are well worth the work. Why have it if you can't use it.


TwilightCompanion said...

The best thing I've bought has been my 70-300 lens. It's really taken my pictures to a different level and I just love it!

I think my biggest problem is getting a sharp focus with that lens. I need to practise on some fast moving sports to really get myself used to using it.

Great shots as always, Danny!

Anonymous said...

The Canon 70-300 with Image Stablization is just freakin' awesome. I have shot nearly everything in every type of lighting with that lens. I rarely use anything else besides that or a 50mm/1.4.

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