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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Golden Olympics

Last week the Georgia Golden Olympics were held in Warner Robins. I always enjoy covering the games.
You meet some really cool people. I missed the opening day WEdnesday due to an AP workshop I attended. Thursday I shot field events in the morning and billiards in the afternoon. We covered the cycling events the past two years and I wanted to do something different. I was shooting for the both next day and for our Saturday Houston Peach section.

I had to decide how to split my pictures, what to go to the daily as stand alone art(no story) and what should go with the story in the Saturday section. I met JR and Inez Livingston at the billiards. They have been married 50 plus years, both participate in the 80-99 year age group. He lost his right hand several years ago, and has learned to shoot with his left hand while holding a bridge under what remains of his right arm.
He won a silver medal, Ms. Inez won the gold. I thought this was really inspiring. Also liked the pictures as a stand-alone package.

I turned in 81 year-old Lillian Murphy throwing the discus and other field event participants for Saturday. Thought this should be a good split.

I was very shocked Friday morning when someone called upset about the billiard photos. The call started out "Now this is not a complaint..." Well what is it then? The caller went on to say that billiards and the other "old people events" were not truly a representative part of the Golden Games. The important ones were the field and cycling events, he said.

The Golden Olympics are not about the events, but about the people who are out there participating. I think it is really something that a the Livingstons came from Smyrna to Warner Robins to shoot pool, that Lillian
Murhpy is throwing the discus and they are all involved and active. Ms Lillian has been involved for the last 16 years because it is fun.

Get a life, sorry I didn't cover your cycling event this year, dude.


Sue Sapp said...

I loved the billiard photos and I really miss covering the Golden Olympics and meeting all the neat people. Unfortunately you can't cover everything and please everyone.

Donna said...

You did a great job. There were so many events to pick from and this was my first one to photograph. I had to pick and like you, I enjoyed meeting all the wonderful people that were there celebrating life and being able to get out of the house and still move. Good job Danny!

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