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Friday, October 5, 2007

Reflections of an Old Guy

Yes, that is my image reflected in Major John Wagner's sunglasses. As I have said before, I have a thing
for photographing reflections. And I love shooting reflections in sunglasses. Doing sunglasses is not easy.
You are shooting really tight, and folks do move their heads a lot when they are talking. Works best if
they have no idea what you are doing.

I can kinda prove that I do work with photos like this, where I am in the image taking a picture, but still
seems like I am goofing around. But the cool thing is , most of my work is play.

Becky Purser and I had gone to the Warner Robins Police Dept. to cover their new BMW motorcycles.
Was a neat story, these are great bikes, and will be saving the city money in the long run, replacing their aging

We ran the story and photo on our website
Our website is getting better, we do a lot of neat stuff. One thing that really bothers me though, is that folks can make comments anonymously. This leads to some really mean, hateful words way too often. I know that we can be passionate about some issues, but it is sad that so many people out there are so bitter and mad at the world.
There were nasty comments following this story, and even the story on the son and father taking a week for their trek to Andersonville.

Come on folks, get a life. There is plenty of beauty and good in this world. Start looking for it.

That is my other reflection today.


Alex said...


TwilightCompanion said...

I was down at the Perry Fairgrounds yesterday to shoot at the Saddlebred show for some friends. Now that is fun! I didn't get out into the fair, but I still shot over 1,000 pictures! I need more days like that, it's great practice!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your other reflection. I couldn't agree more!!!


Anonymous said...

I can't help but commend you on your words about anonymous posters anonymously. :)

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