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Monday, October 15, 2007

My Favorite of the Week

My last trip to the Georgia National Fair this week produced this photo from the Honey Bee display. Jars
of honey, of various colors backlit inside a huge honey comb shelf. The lights behind the jars were timed to randomly go off and back on, giving an interesting pattern. Too cool a photo to pass up.

All I had to do was back up and zoom in. The compression of using a telephoto lens made a better photo
than shooting it with a wide. This was at 200mm with my 70-200. The only challenge was waiting for a time
when no one was walking between me and the wall. I also tried to time my shot to be with the center jars
in the dark.

Becky Purser, one of our writers, found this booth and wanted to do a story. She did a good job with the story, but it was buried on 3-B in the paper. This photo didn't run at all. Such is the life of a photojournalist. You get accustomed to your best images(in your opinion) not making the paper. It was included in the photos of the week.

I really like the simpleness and the symmetry.

I have seen a bunch of really nice fair photos this week. My friend Elaine Dorsey really has some nice night shots.
Don't forget the photography competition next year. Start planning now.

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