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Monday, October 8, 2007

Choose A Theme

The Georgia National Fair is going all this week, presenting a great chance for photography. Go and take your
camera. Keep your eyes open, many opportunities will present themselves. Something you can try is to pick
a theme to work with. Could be the midway rides, food, people, arts and crafts, whatever.

This will give you somethign different to try, to make shooting at yet another fair a bit of a challenge. When I shot last Thursday, I did mostly rain related photos, a no brainer since it was raining while I was there. Most of the folks don't mind you taking their photo. Be respectful, if someone doesn't want to be photographed, jsut move on.

Just be selective in what you carry. Lots of walking to be toting everything you own. If you want to shoot at night, you can probably do candids using available light, and hand-held exposures. A lot of light on the midway.

If you really get creative, you may want to pack a tripod and a flash.

Upload your best ones to our Fair Gallery at

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