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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Making it Better

This photo of Andrea Gould, the new Project manager for the Houston County Development Authority was one I shot today. I spent a ton of time trying to make a portrait in her office, got really frustrated cause it was not working. Finally decided to go
with what I had anyway. As we were leaving the office (I was headed to another assignment, she and our writer Wayne Crenshaw were headed down the hall to a conference room) I saw the logo on the door. had rushed past it going in, not paying much attention to it.

I called her back, and got this photo. A lot better than what I had. Guess the object of this story is don't disengage your brain when you put your camera down. Always be looking and thinking, trying to faind a way to make that last one a little better.

And don't be embarrassed to say "Hey, lets do that again."

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