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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Cloud

This photo is the perfect example of why I keep my little Canon point and shoot within reach all the time. Someone asked me last week if I slept with it, well not quite that bad. But if a cool photo happens to come along
I sure don't want to miss it. I usually keep the DSLR's in the trunk out of sight. They have their own place to ride so they are fairly safe, won't be bouncing around inside the car if something happens. And no one can jsut look in and see them laying there screaming "Hey smash a window and grab me!"

The small camera is easily to grab and shoot. The larger ones can sometimes be a bit awkward.

I was headed home out the 247 Connector when I spotted this cloud. I have always wanted this picture. Figured I would have to travel to the wide open spaces of the Western US to find it. Well, here it was right over the road. Funny how with something this big there is a limited window of opportunity for the best image. I shot, moved on down the road and shot again. My first exposures were the best. Later the road changed direction enough to loose part of the view I wanted, and the roadside changed, too many tall trees for the openness that the image needed.

So if you see something really cool, grab a camera and start clicking. If you wait it probably is gonna change or go away. Get it while you can.

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