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Monday, October 29, 2007

Pecan Harvesting

One of the challenges that comes with being a newspaper photographer is the fact that some things happen once a year, and you have to shoot them...again, and again. It is amazing how the variables play into the outcome of your shoot.

I shot pecan harvesting this morning. Nice sunny morning. Sun coming through the trees in places, giving hot spots. That can kick your butt, or you can use it to your advantage. I shot two of the machines(top photo) as they made their way down the rows of trees. The closest one was nearly silhouetted, framed by the trees. The second almost blown out. Last year I shot down the row, making use of the even light of an overcast day.

Last year I shot with the 300mm, and had a decent amount of depth of field, showing the line of trees. This year I did all my telephoto stuff with the 500mm mirror. No depth of field, so the background is more out of focus.

I have been trying for three years to make a picture of the pecans flying off the conveyor of the harvester. This year a combination of the 500mm and the patch of backlight through the trees gave me what I wanted. Notice the highlights in the background are rings? That is a characteristic of a mirror lens. The lights and shadows give depth to the image. The bottom is last year's attempt. Really flat.

Now this shot can be put to rest. Next year will need something new.

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misty said...

I also love the play of light and shadow on the pecans as they fly off the conveyor. This year's photo is a lot more dynamic, you're right. I'm thrilled we still agree on the best shots, even though I'm not your designer anymore!

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