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Thursday, November 1, 2007

No Respect

Some days are just Rodney Dangerfield kinda days. "I just don't get no respect."
Above is a $20.00 picture. I got a $20.00 parking ticket for taking this picture.
Everyone seems to think we(us photojournalist-types) always get in places free, folks just always open all the doors for us. Well, it ain't so. Folks for the most part are kind and helpful. But it is not always smooth and easy.

I went to the Warner Robins Civic Center this morning for Major General Tom Owen's commander's call. His state of the base meeting for the base workforce. This is a hard one to shoot. If you just meter and shoot, you get the bottom photo. The huge screen shows the powerpoint presentation, and I wanted to show both screen and the Major General. The way to shoot something like this is to go manual, and find an exposure that gives an exposure on both the man and screen that you can work with. This was a slow exposure of about 1/8 second using an ISO of 800.

When I tried to park in the parking lot behind the Civic center I was told by a city employee I could not park there. I tried moving to another space and was greeted by the same fellow. He told me I should park across Watson Boulevard behind the library.

When I went back to my car, I had a parking ticket from the Macon State Security Force for $20.00.
I did get a decent photo, guess it was worth 20 bucks.


Donna said...

I think you need one of these...


Anonymous said...

Macon State is not a certified police department and cannont take action unless you are a student -- in which case they hold your grades until you pay the ticket. Just toss the ticket, it's a joke.

Hannah said...

exactly. it is a bogus ticket that only matters if you are a student.

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