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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Photographing The Fall Foliage

It the time of year to be photographing the colorful foliage. You don't have to travel to North Georgia to find some pretty dramatic images.

Be creative when you shoot. Do more than a photo of a pretty tree. Add some drama to your photo. I found the top image driving to work on Georgia 49 between Fort Valley and Byron. I shot the photograph so the cars were in the shadows, the trees in the bright sun, partly back lit. The long lens gave a bit of compression.

Don't think you have to shoot the whole tree either. A cluster of leaves can be awesome. Often shooting so they are against a dark background will help. Backlight them and they scream.

The leaves on the rocks and in the water make the creek shot just a little better. Have fun, be imaginative.

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Shark Girl said...

I really like the second picture you have "yellow"

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