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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Follow the Ball

I have said quite often that I get to cover the best football in Middle Georgia, regularly shooting the teams in Houston and Peach County High. Northside has been awesome this year, as always. It really got kinda boring shooting them the way they have spanked everyone during the regular season.

I have only covered two Perry games, when they played Peach County and then last week against LaGrange. These were the most exciting games I have been to this year. Perry's Casey Hayward added a lot to that excitement. He plays quarterback, and is also in on defense, runs kicks back, does it all. And does it all quite well.

Most of the time I shoot sports by following the ball. Following the ball put Hayward in most of my pictures from Saturday's game. Players like him make great photos.
All you have to do is pick the right lens and follow the ball.


Mike said...

Great pics but, following the ball only gives you part of the story

Danny Gilleland said...

Well, Mike, I follow the ball, but still stay aware of what is happening around the field. Life is not lived thru a 300mm........

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