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Monday, November 26, 2007

Rainy Days

I have often had people to ask what I do on days it rains,"You can't take pictures in the rain, can you?" Oh, yes you can. Newspaper photogs do it quite often. Rain is not so bad, cold and rain is quite different. Some football seasons we get wet a lot. This year had a lot of wet Friday nights. At least they were warm.

The Tech-Georgia game of 2004 was one of those really cold, wet games. You try to keep your gear as dry as you can, and you try to keep yourself as comfortable as possible. This photo is of Woody Marshall before the rains came that day. You can see he has on his rain gear, and has rain covers for his cameras. You can use plastic bags and rubber bands to good effect as well. saw one photographer wrap his cameras and lenses in plastic food kitchen wrap.

All this rambling to make a point. So often you can get some really cool photos in the rain. I noticed the raindrops on the leaves this morning and had to go grab a camera. Took forever because my lens kept fogging up. Sometimes when you take your cameras out in the cold after they have been inside, they will fog up. Takes a few minutes for them to adjust. Up your ISO or slow down the shutter to compensate for the lower light levels. You can get an interesting photo shooting while the lens is stilled fogged.

Colors really pop on these rainy, overcast days. Makes vibrant color. Just keep your camera as dry as you can, and dry them really good when you are done.

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misty said...

Beautiful shots (and a pretty good pic of Woody, too!)

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