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Monday, November 19, 2007

I went back to the pecan orchards of Peach County last week to illustrate another pecan story. I have had several folks ask about the photos that were used with the story. I have shot tree shakers several times, but never had the photo work this well.

So often, there is not anything the photographer can do. All the elements of a great photo come together and you get WOW, or something is not quite right, and you get an okay photo. This day, all the elements were there.

I got out to the orchard as the shaker was working the trees right next to a dirt road. A sweeper was moving along the edge of the road creating a hige cloud of dust. The wind was moving the dust into the orchard where the shaker was working.
Sunlight was streaming in from behind the dust cloud making it glow. As the pecans and debris rained down from the tree, it
was very evident in the image.

All these together made for the perfect image. All I had to do was get into position, compose and get my exposure right. Some days are better than others, but any day taking pictures is bliss

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