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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Beer and Pizza

My last assignment of the day Friday was to illustrate a weekend story about the upcoming Centerville alcohol referendum. Mike Black at Meldino's Pizza in Centerville said I could come and shoot a photo. His restaurant is one of two in the town that serve alcohol.

Doing this type picture is never a sure thing. Just because the restaurant owner lets you come in does not mean you will get a good picture. So often in a case like this none of the customers want to be in the picture, or even let you take a photo near their table.

I found a couple who were willing to let me do a photo, and got a pretty decent shot. You go with what you have, you don't rearrange the table to make your photo work. My best shot was this angle with the bottles of beer in a bucket of ice, pizza close in the background. I shot it with the 17-55, and again with my old 15mm. Amazing the difference 2mm can make. The 15 gave me a little more restaurant in the background and made the bottles a bit prominent. Even a slice of pizza being munched. Had my shot.

Makes it worth working a little late to get a nice photo. Was a little annoying when I opened the paper this morning and the story ran with no photo. At least it got used online.

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