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Thursday, October 18, 2007

No Checks, Please.....

We had a $500,000 Lottery winner in Warner Robins this week. Jody Winter won big, and was given the usual "BIG CHECK"
at a little ceremony Thursday afternoon in front of Rocky's Snack and Shop on Davis Drive. The media shows up and covers the check presentation. I hate check presentations. I hate shooting any kind of presentation. Always try to get something

I got there early and started shooting immediately. Have this picture of the winner, her fiancee and their son in front of their
brand new van. The son, Austin is showing his car to the camera, got it shoved right into the lens. I like this photo. I did shoot a picture of the check being presented, but didn't turn it in.

I gave them several decent shots, but this was the best. Lets check tomorrow's Telegraph and see which one runs....


Anonymous said...

Hehe. I'm getting to know you through your blog entries!
Now I can figure things out when I come up and ask "So do you want to take a pic of that presentation at noon?" Thus my digital camera comes in handy!
Jenny G

Donna said...

Great job and wow, that is a good bit of news for them. Ah lotto :) Holler at me sometime for the group photo meets and just to say howdy Danny :)

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