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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pumpkin Shooting

My pumpkin carving friend, Edwin Booth came by the office with a really nice pumpkin he had carved. He carves and gives away a bunch of jack' o' lantern's each year. I have photographed him carving them before.

I wanted to do something cool with this one. He carved four sides of the pumpkin. I wanted to shoot each side, and have him in one of the photos. I knew how I wanted to shoot them, but the problem was lighting it up.

I put one of my Nikon flashes inside the pumpkin with a radio remote trigger. Problem solved. This way no wires to mess with. There is a receiver that plugs into the flash, and and a sending unit that mounts on the camera. I had been looking for a set of radio slaves for a pretty good while. I wanted something small, and inexpensive. These are made by the Morris Company, and are less tan $150.00. The range is about 80 feet. Not bad, and wireless, non-optical is sure an easy solution to triggering flashes.

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