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Friday, September 7, 2007

New Friends

One of the neat things about photography is going new places to take pictures. Each time a new adventure,
new images to make, new sights to see, places to explore. Anytime you are wandering a round with a camera
you also have the chance to meet some neat people. I believe that one of our purposes for being here is for fellowship and sharing our experiences.

It is not unusual for people to make a comment about me toting a couple of cameras, often with a huge lens.
It happens to all of us. Take to time to stop and talk a bit. You usually are quite rewarded. Labor Day found me at the Road Race in Macon and later at the Jarrell Plantation. Both gave the opportunity to visit with fellow photographers. Events like the race involve arriving early and waiting. Good conversation makes the wait easier.

While at the Jarrell Plantation I ran across Donna and Christy who were making good use of their Canon DSLS's. As I walked by, Christy offered to lighten my load by swapping cameras. Canon shooters seem to
always want my Nikons(just kidding). Anyway, I stopped and we talked for a while. These two are avid shooters. The photo above is one of Donna's from the Jarrell Plantation shoot. We had the chance to talk
photography for a while, and share a few ideas. I now have a new friend to share images and swap comments with.

The internet has made sharing photos so much easier. Donna has started a blog, and it has a link to her Flicker
site. Check out her images, she has a pretty good eye. Here is the link to her blog

So take the time to stop and talk next time the opportunity arises.


Donna said...

I had so much fun that day, meeting you and taking photos. Thanks again for your time and holler anytime- Im ready for another photo field trip!

Christy said...

I enjoyed meeting you and chatting with you at Jarrell Plantation Danny and look forward to meeting up again sometime. Be warned, I will be picking your brain and trying to pick up some photography tips and tricks. The offer to lighten your load still stands :-).
May God allow us to cross paths again and continue to bless each of us until that time.

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