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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The fair

I worked in Macon Monday, shooting folks setting up for the Georgia State Fair.
It has been a long time since I have photographed the "Macon Fair" I usually do the Georgia National Fair in Perry since I spend most of my time in the Warner Robins office.

It is like going back home in a way. Seeing the photos in the round building, the members of the Federated Garden Clubs setting up for the flower show in the long building, a midway on grass and dirt, and forgot how small the cattle barns are compared to Perry.

Enough nostalgia. I was pretty happy with my pictures. Love the cow, didn't realize she had a hole in her ear until I was looking at my images in the computer. The light in this building was really sweet. Really wanted the angle with the folks in the backlighted doorway and the cow's face between the fence rails.

I walked out on the midway and found Milton Gonzalez helping set up the Family Swing ride. He was putting the fence around the ride. I watched for a few minutes and moved to this side of the ride for the light, and decided the low angle would be good with him carrying the sections. The light and angle kind of gave him the carnival strongman look. It all came together.

I still wonder sometimes why I can look at a scene and know where to stand, and what will make a decent picture. And why someone else can see the same scene, find another spot, and shoot an equally good or better photo. To me, that is one of the really wonderful things about photography. We each bring our own perspective,
our own vision to how we photograph a given subject. And hopefully each time we push that button we learn a little more about our craft. A big part of life should be about learning, growing and sharing. That is why God gives us these talents.

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