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Friday, September 21, 2007

Look Small, Think Big

Its easy to see the scenic shot when you are out shooting pictures. Mountains wrapped in clouds just beg
to be photographed. Work a little harder, look for the ones that are harder to find.

Look for colors and contrasts that work together with interesting patterns. The postition of the golden
leaves pull your eye to the blue berry. The veins in the leaves repeat the pattern. Had I not been looking I would never have seen this one. Only about a foot off the ground.

The textures in the stump are really cool. Add to that the lichen, the splits and the growth rings and you have an image that justs smacks you in the face. But again you have to be looking low and close to find it.

And I love the mop. So out of place hanging on these wood shingles I just had to shoot it. Love the texture and the contrast in colors-the green on the shingles, brown handle and white mop. I had black and
white in mind when I shot it, but had to leave it in color.

So look carefully, look small but think big. You will be happy with what you find.

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