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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

American Gothic 2009

I love my job, love taking pictures. Can’t even to imagine not taking pictures. I also love people. So many wonderful people have let me into their lives, sharing the good and the bad. It has always amazed me when I ask some perfect stranger for the opportunity to interrupt their day, to invade their space and record a moment of their time.

I have been doing a photo and story each week on a different vender for the Byron
Downtown Saturday Market. All have been super nice. For this week I needed to photograph James and Lorene McDowell. Wanted to get a picture of them in their vegetable garden. Called them yesterday and arranged a time for this morning.

You never know how a photo session will go. Most folks are not Heidi Klum, not totally at ease in front of the camera. Well, I found two naturals today. Lorene and James, Ma and Pa to half of Byron, are two folks who are very comfortable with who they are, and with each other. Still in love after 35 years of marriage.

I told them on the phone I wanted the photo in their garden. I got to their house this morning and they were ready for me. I try to not preplan most of my shoots. I want to get where I am going and talk to my subjects, and then do the picture that fits them and the story. Hang around and listen to them and you will find your picture. A picture that they are comfortable being in.

Well, here they are. Completely natural, dressed as they do every day for the garden. And no, I didn’t tell them to pick up the garden tools. I didn’t pose them either, just told them where to stand.

My American Gothic, 2009. Hope they like it as much as do.

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