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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Some Fire Photos

We had a fire here in Fort Valley Monday night. It had been an unusually cool
day. We had our windows open to catch the breeze, watching Benjamin Button.
Deborah noticed the smell of smoke before I did. The fire was about three blocks away and the smoke had filled the neighborhood.

Didn’t take me long to find it. The Fort Valley Machine Company was on fire. Flames were coming through the roof when I arrived. I had some nice flame shots, but I really like this one that was shot after the flames had died down. You can still see the glow through the windows and along the roofline.

I am not usually a fan of wide shots of anything. Most times I want something to dominate the foreground, but this one is different. The smoke, the lights, hoses and reflections. I get lost in this picture. I thought it would be a nice black and white, so I converted it. Think I like the color best.

This was handheld f3.5 at 1/13 second, 800 ISO with the white balance on Auto, if anyone is interested. The D200 does pretty well with lowlight.

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