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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Photographing The Cobras

Billy Davidson called several weeks before the air show at Robins Air Force Base to let me know
about a really cool chance for photos. He has an landing strip beside Georgia Hiway 96 between Fort Valley and I-75. The Sky Soldiers, a precision flight team wanted to use his strip for a bit of practice the day before the air show. The team flies retired and refurbished AH-1F Cobra attack helicopters.

They flew in around 4:30 Friday afternoon, took some time to visit with the local folks who came out to see them, and then did their routine as the crowd sat in the hay field and watched. Really cool stuff. The team is made up of retired Army and Marine pilots who flew these birds during their active duty days.

They put on quite a show, demonstrating the abilities of these old war birds. The maneuvers were all quite precise and often at very close quarters. The folks attending the practice session really got a better show that those attending the air show. Not only was the action a lot closer, but they had the opportunity to meet the pilots and have them relate a bit of history.

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