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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dirty Pictures

The opportunity to shoot folks playing in the mud(lots of mud) doesn’t come along too often. Especially folks who are old enough to know better, and are large enough to make a really great splash. Well, I have had the occasion to capture some very cool mud images twice in the past month.

The first time was during a church youth event the first weekend in April. Harmony Community Church had a Disciple Now event and my friend Greg Whitaker made a really fantastic mud slide. The slide stretched downhill and ended in a pit of mud that was a couple of feet deep. Greg worked long and hard getting it just the right consistency.

I had a bunch of cool pictures from the afternoon of mudsliding, but my fav was the one above of Wesley Gandy doing a belly flop into the mud. The splashing mud and his expression were just wonderful. And yes, both me and my Nikon caught some of the spray.
Fast forward to this past Saturday, Battle of Byron mud volleyball. Byron firefighters were responsible for the mud pit, and I don’t know if they used Greg’s recipe or not, but again some really great mud.

This time the best image from the shoot was a no brainer. I had a series of shots of William Walker and his teammate going for the ball. William was going backwards, and ends up in the mud. The photo below was my choice, and no mud on me this time.

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