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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Photographing The Governor

Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue came to our neck of the woods last week to sign some agri-business legislation into law. The event was at Lane Packing Company and was well attended by the TV folks. A table was set up for the signing, and of course the TV types all set up their tripods about ten feet in front of the table.
I went to the end of the table. I wanted to have the pen, the bill and the Governor’s
face as he signed the bills.

There were several to be signed, and after signing he would hand the one he had signed to an aide standing behind me. I decided to try shooting the handoff, seemed like a more interesting photo than him writing his name.

I came up with this one, kinda like it. Better than standing ten feet away and getting the top of his head.

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