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Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Fisheye Again

I shot peach picking again yesterday. I have no idea how many times I have gone to either Lanes of Big Six Farms to photograph the beginning of peach season. It is always a neat thing to shoot. Yesterday I shared the orchard with commercial photographer Chip Sparrow who was down from Atlanta.

I made use of my fisheye lens to capture workers dumping their baskets of peaches into the wagon for transport to the packing shed. I have wanted to do this picture for several seasons, but due to the 1.6 magnification factor with my digital camera, it was not possible. The fisheye made it happen.

The bottom photo is of David and Mary Ann Thames in the sanctuary of Fort Valley United Methodist Church. David is retiring as the church’s Minister of Music. I wanted to show them with lots of the sanctuary. It is such a neat interior. I balanced the light for the ambient light and my flash. The warmth given to the background by the daylight white balance really sweetens the image.

I was careful to get them in the center of the frame to cut down on the “fisheye” effect but it enhances the lines in the ceiling.

I really try not to overuse this lens, but I do love it!

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