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Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Boxer

I went yesterday afternoon to photograph Johnny Taylor, a guy who is passing on his boxing skills to a group of young kids. He works in his back yard, with a improvised ring set up with carpet covering the dirt, and and heavy bags hanging from tree limbs.

The group was not training yesterday, so I did a portrait of Mr. Taylor and his students. The back yard was in shade, with a bright sky and the sun hanging low in the sky. I set up one light to my right angled in on Mr. Taylor. I didn't have quite enough spill from this light to properly light the students in the background so I had to drop my shutter speed. Wish I had taken along a second light to pop on them, then I could have cranked up the shutter speed to get some detail in the sky. Oh, well. Next time.

After I finished and was about to put away my light, a couple of the students donned their gloves and started hitting the bags. Had to shoot some more. Really like the sky in these, and the trees over head.

Not too bad.

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