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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Not Another Landscape.....

I have driven from some point in Middle Georgia to Columbus for over 40 years, traveling to visit my mom and dad. There are several pictures I have seen along the way and have yet to photograph them in a way that satisfies me. Some I may never.

Two trees grow in a field just west of Butler. I have looked at them each time I head west, something has not been quite right or I have been in a rush.

Last Saturday, things were looking pretty good. The trees were bare , the sky and the light were adding just the right touches, colors were blending nicely.

I stopped and shot a few frames.

The 300mm gave me just the compression I wanted. I almost knelt down to put the trees on the horizon. I am glad now I didn’t. Kinda like the darker blue line that separates the grass and sky.

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