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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My D70 and a Nikor 28 mm Lens

I recently got my little D70 back from repair. I truly missed this piece of old technology. It is a a relic compared to the newer cameras available now. Both of my other DSLR's do a lot more stuff, but this camera has its place. Stick a 28 mm lens on it and it is a great walk around camera. Small and light, easy to use.
The 28 mm has always been a favorite focal length of mine. Back in the day of prime lenses, a 28 was a mainstay for photojournalists. I bought this one several years ago mainly to use with my F5 and TriX.

It has found a place in my digital bag as well. I use it pretty often as a portrait lens. Gives a different perspective, especially doing environmental portraits.

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