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Friday, March 7, 2008

Beautiful Light

Some days really wonderful assignments come along. I got one of them this past
Wednesday morning. I had to photograph a young woman who works with deafblind children. Her name is Lindsey Day and she has been working with a young boy named ShaynePatrick Thompson. They ignored me and really got involved with their lessons.

His family built a one room school for him at their house. The room has two really big windows with white curtains, making some incredible light. Pretty much anywhere you shoot in the room is backlit. No complaints from me.

This is beautiful light, and ads so much to the images. I could have used my flash, bumping a bit of fill light in to the scene. I really felt using a flash would take away more than it added, ruining the ambiance. It was not too hard to compensate with my exposure, Just opened up a couple of stops. The light wrapped around quite well.

If you have never played with backlighting, give it a try. A great way to jazz up your images sometime, and one day you may be stuck in a situation where the only way to get your photo is shooting into the light.

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful child. It is wonderful to see a child who is deafblind being able to reach out and have a conversation with someone. All children with deafblindness should be given the same opportunity.

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