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Monday, March 17, 2008

Shopping Carts

I have this long time fascination with runaway shopping carts. Another one of those things I can't explain. The first one I photographed was probably 30 years ago in the old Westgate Mall parking lot in Macon. The cart had made it almost all the way to Pio Nono Avenue.

I had an early assignment this morning, and was running kinda close. I walked out of the house and what do I see across the street? A shopping cart, the rising sun bouncing this wonderful light around it. I could not drive away without shooting a few frames.

I spent about five minutes shooting these before I had to go. Too little time with one of the true icons of our age.

Maybe I will try doing some night shots if it is still around tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of runaway carts, don't they have like a few dozen behind the H/P? Hehe..

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