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Monday, March 3, 2008

Woody's Fire Photo

This is one of those pictures that just reaches out and slaps you across the face.
Our Director of Photography Woody Marshall shot it early last Thursday morning
after a church fire in McIntyre.

I saw the picture first early that morning on our website. It was play on 1-A Friday. Woody had sent his photos back and we had a gallery of photos from the fire scene. He had several nice images, the fire was over, just the aftermath. Really hard photos of get, the fire is done, but you need an interesting photo of the rubble.

I saw this one, and just went "Wow" knowing he probably really worked his butt off to get this angle, the guy going up the steps, the sun popping through the door. Just awesome.

So I call him Friday to compliment him on the photo, and to ask if I can use it on my blog. He laughed, and said sure. I have had a bunch of people comment on that picture. So I ask "How did you do it?" He laughed again, and said "I was walking away, and saw the guy going to the steps and thought I should shoot it. I turned and popped one frame. Never noticed the sun. Just lucky."

We went on to talk about how often luck seems to play into a great photo. Like he said, you hope you picked the right clothes to wear, and the right place to stand.
Well, a lot of skill and art goes into picking the right shirt for a given day, and then deciding where to stand. And you have to know when to push that little button.

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TwilightCompanion said...

What I love about the photo is that the sun through the door is lighting up the "Caution" tape. Otherwise, it would just have been a dark streak through the already chaotic scene, but with the light hitting it just right, you can actually read "caution." Really moving photo overall.

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