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Friday, February 29, 2008

Extra Lighting

I find myself lighting more and more of my images these days. For so long I have been so much into available light, for everything. Sometimes you gotta have a bit more light to make a usable image. Here lately I have been lighting more for the effect. A little more drama, if you will.

I have had portable lights for years, and used them mostly doing personal work.
My complaint was always their size and weight, the time needed to set them up, and then dealing with wires. It is still worth the time and weight when you need a lot of light.

I have made me a little kit with my SB28's, real portable light stands and a radio slave. I can carry my usual camera gear and my light kit anywhere with no problem, takes five minutes to set up, and I actually use it.

I did these images of Pastor Willie Reid this morning using two lights. One light on a tall stand to the left of the image, and one light on a mini tripod on the table to the right.

Cheap, easy, and very mobile light, with a quick recycle time. I can live with that.

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