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Monday, February 18, 2008

Before it Melts.....

I went to the Fort Valley State annual Black History Month Luncheon today.
I know it sounds like it would not be an interesting assignment. Luncheons
usually mean shooting a speaker, or folks with food halfway to their mouths.
Well, for me, this is always a fun thing to shoot.

For one thing, there are a bunch of great folks at Fort Valley State, and I get a chance to visit with them. President Larry Rivers is one of my favorite people.
The event always provides a lot of good photo opportunities, It is fun to look for them.

As soon as I came in the building, I knew I had to shoot the floor full of tables. Shot it early before there were too many people around. Gave it a bit of an angle, and was pretty happy with it.

The Tea shot is one of those "I don't know why my eye was pulled here" images, but here it is. Like it a lot, the iced tea and the slightly out of focus Fort Valley State clock tower logo. It speaks to me. Just not sure what it says.

The color guard shot almost works. They came by closer to me than I expected, was up against some speakers and could not go back more. Wanted more of the flags. Oh well, I will grab a glass of tea, and be lost in contemplation......

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