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Friday, February 1, 2008

My favorite Photos of the Week

Apologies to my readers. I really want to post five days a week, but I have been getting busy, and not making it. I appreciate people taking time to check my blog.

I went to Masse Lane Gardens this week for a story to run this weekend. What a neat place to go with a camera. Cool images all around.

These are two of my images from the shoot. The top photo is some of the porcelain in the Fetterman Building. It is a mixture of objects and reflections. The birds are in a huge window box. Behind me were some large windows looking into the courtyard. The birds, tree, and globe are part of the display. The windows and fountain are the view outside reflected on the back glass of the display. It was hard to shoot, had to position myself to avoid reflections on the glass nearest me and
have some order to the composition.

Had to do some burning and dodging to get the final product to this state.

The camellia bloom below was shot upside down to get my lens closer to the
ground. The top of the viewfinder was on the bricks when I shot this. Tried it right side up, and the view was too high due to the height of the camera.

I like it better this way than right side up.

Won't say they are my best images, but these are my two favorite photos from my week's work.

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Ashley said...

That last photo is very pretty.

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