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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Orange Barrels

Writer Wayne Crenshaw talked to me early this week about a story he was
working on, and needed art. Often an idea for a story will come up, then the story
evolves, sometimes the main theme of the story shifting as the writer gathers more information. This was one of those. The initial story idea was SPLOST related road construction in Houston County. It shifted more to be about the growth and ongoing roadwork in the county.

The subject for my photo, the old orange traffic barrel. A common sight in Houston County. My first idea was compressing barrels and traffic with a long lens. I found some spots and shot away. Did alright.

Then I tried some with my 15mm, up close on a barrel. I dropped my ISO to 200, the lowest my camera will allow. This let me lower my shutter speed to 1/80 of a second, slow enough to let Warner Robins traffic blur.

The first shot was from about mid way the barrel. It didn't work for me. I put the camera all the way to the ground and shot again. This one really popped. The yellow vehicle helped a bunch.

Hopefully better than just another road construction picture.

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misty said...

What I like best is that the top photo really could be any road in Houston County! There aren't many idenifiers and you don't show what's on the side of the road, so I don't really know where you were (though I can guess). Hey - it's a game!

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