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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Loving Technology

I spent my Tuesday evening with Jake Jacobs in the Peach County Board of Education office. All of Tuesday evening. From 5pm until almost 10pm. The school board had a special called meeting to hire a new school superintendent. In almost any other county, a slam dunk, a done deal. The new super, Dr. Susan Clark was going to be there, so you go early, get some nice happy huggy shots before hand. Then after the executive session, get some congratulatory pix, send your pictures to the paper and done.....well not in Peach County.

The executive session lasted four hours. I love the new technology. I know it is really not new anymore, but after doing film for 30 years, this is still new, and so very cool. Not too long ago I would have been stuck. Either leave early with what you have, or wait to the end and blow deadline.

Not any more. Just drag out that trusty laptop, do those early pix, and send them on to Macon. Just after sending the top photo, school board members Jody Usry and Jamie Johnson moved their discussion into the hallway, making an excellent photo, probably the best photo of the night.

By the time I had it toned and ready to send, the board ended their executive session, and announced they had a new super. Super. That final congratulatory shot, and done. Beat deadline by minutes, Cool.

What I don't understand is why we have all this great technology now, do things so much better and faster, but over the years we keep getting earlier and earlier deadlines. Hey, I just shoot the pictures.

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