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Friday, February 8, 2008

Go Early

I always try to get to my assignments a little early. I hate making someone wait for me. Their time is as valuable to them as mine to me. I schedule assignments so I have enough time to adequately photograph what's going on and have time to get to the next one.

Another reason to be early is quite often you get some nice photos. All of these pictures are the results of being early. The top photo was from a Peach County school board meeting this week. When I arrived, the two board members who are the main characters in the current squabble were together in deep conversation. Made for some strong images that were not available when the meeting started.

The second photo was from signing day at Perry High. Three football players totally
ignoring the camera, laughing with their friends. Much better than them sitting behind a table.

Sometimes by being early you get folks setting up. preparing for the event, or just
mixing and mingling with other people. Have an idea of who the main people involved are, and then just watch for interesting situations, then shoot. How many times do you get a Major General signing a kid's cast?

Well work being twenty minutes early. Plus by the time the action starts, you have found the perfect place to shoot from.

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