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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

This Was Too Easy.....

As I was finishing an assignment this afternoon I got a call from one of our writers. He was doing an assignment on the housing market. Wanted to know if I could look around and find a picture to illustrate his story. Maybe some for sale signs.

This kind of assignment can really be hard to do. You just have to ride around and look for a situation where the elements of a photo are all in the right order. Just a for sale sign in front of a house won't work.

As I drove away from my other assignment I was deciding where to go look.
About two blocks later I passed this house. It caught my eye, and I should have stopped immediately but I kept going. Went another two blocks and turned around.

I knew I had to try this one. I got out and shot this. Really liked it. Could not believe it was this easy. The sign was leaning somewhat. I got in tight cropping
most of the sign but keeping enough of the top to know it was a realty sign. The "Will Build To Suit" added a little urgency to the sign. I tilted the camera a little until I liked the feel through the viewfinder.

This should run over the weekend. Now to see if an editor likes it as much as I do.
You just never know.

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