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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tips For Better Pet Photos

We all love photos of our pets. Photographing them is not always easy. Kinda like photographing kids in some ways. Both an be just as exasperating, for sure.

One thing to remember is to get down on their level. Cats and most dogs are a lot
shorter than the average person. Kneel down, lay on the floor, but get eye level with Fido.

Get close. The biggest mistake most people make anytime that are taking pictures is not getting close enough to their subject. Be aware that fur absorbs light, so you may need to overexpose just a bit. Pick a background that will contrast with you pet's color.

Be ready to invest some time. Follow them around, photograph them while they are playing. Just like with people, candid situations make better photographs. A longer lens, like a 70-200, can be very helpful. Keep a camera handy and watch for those totally unexpected photo opportunities.

And shoot lots of photos.

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